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Envoyer Imprimer Télécharger information publiée par: Katarzyna Stankowiak | 2016-06-14 14:18:24
herla laboratory, luxurious natural & professional cosmetics

HERLA LABORATORY, luxurious natural & professional cosmetics

HERLA LABORATORY is the premium brand of the cosmetics for face and body care and SPA – it is the fusion of the luxury and nature. HERLA has been created with the passion for pure nature, its benefits and natural beauty.

The company has been starting since 1992 when the activity in the natural resources launched a passion for global environmental trends of the world of cosmetics industry.


HERLA has gained its success thanks to a high quality and efficiency of luxury cosmetics and own innovative laboratory and collaboration with the international research institutions.


HERLA works on the copyrighted formulas and recipes and uses only natural rich plant extracts, oils, preservatives and essential oils. Our cosmetics have been dermatologically tested.


HERLA company for face and body care uses the most advanced manufacturing technologies in anti-aging, lifting, nourishing, whitening, slimming cosmetics and dermocosmetics for skin problems.

Cosmetics are destined for professionals as well as for retails customers.

The main priority of HERLA brand is the health and safety.


HERLA is looking for a business partner in your country having a well established structure and with experience in sales and distribution of premium cosmetics for face and body care in channel of beauty salons, cosmetic stores, perfumery shops and SPA&Wellness.


For more information please contact us:

E-mail: export@herla.eu

WEBSITE: www.herla.eu




Company name






Krystyna Bednarek - President

Jarosław Bednarek – V-ce President

E-mail: k.bednarek@herla.eu

Telephone +48 607 287 727



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